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Speakers Starfish Ad Age brings a unique approach to digital marketing. East Texas' only IAB Certified Ad Agency

Mindy Lewellen Programmatic Sales Director
Mindy Lewellen Programmatic Sales Director

Programmatic Sales Director and self-made entrepreneur, Mindy has been running, owning, and managing multiple businesses in East Texas over the past five years. She has started and operated all businesses purely through digital platforms. Starting off as a young entrepreneur at 21 and becoming a successful marketing professional by the age of 29, Mindy can illustrate how digital advertising can optimize your profits as a business owner.

Starfish Ad Agency owner founder east texas longview texas tyler texas
Abel Sanchez Co-Founder / CEO

After working for traditional media companies for over 14 years and becoming their #1 account executive, as well as becoming the first person in that organization to be IAB certified in digital advertising and programmatic. He decided to set out on his own and co-founded Starfish Ad Age LLC. Abel has 8 years of experience and knowledge of all things digital and advanced programmatic advertising. 

Tanya Clary Social media director
Tanya Clary Social Media Director

Tanya Clary is the Social Media Director for Starfish Ad Age. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from UT Tyler. Tanya is very well versed in reading and analyzing data, as well as managing multiple social media accounts. Come see what she has to say about data analysis, brand strategies, and all things social.

What we are going to cover @ #DigitalUnplugged 2019:

WTF Is Programmatic: 
Yes, programmatic can seem complicated but only if you are being taught by a vendor who only pitches and doesn’t understand the fundamentals of how it all comes together in a full digital marketing campaign.

Traditional Media Proprietary Platform Graphic

What Traditional Media Doesn’t Want You To Hear:
Digital is not Traditional, and you shouldn’t purchase digital ads the same way you are buying TV or Radio ads. Like Facebook and Google, brands and agencies can now buy programmatic ads, which cuts out a vendor who is only trying to measure traffic and not dollars.

Why IAB Certification Is Important: 
Many companies don’t take the time to train their reps out of fear of losing them to another competitor. Other’s do train their reps, but they fail to explain the ecosystem simply because they aren’t qualified to teach them how all of the platforms come together in an overall marketing approach.

Starfish Digital Ecosystem Programmatic Ad Agency Longview

How to connect the entire Digital Ecosystem into 1 marketing message:
Today’s advertisers have had every “expert” or “guru” pitching them the same solutions, but with a unique name they come up with internally. We bring the world of programmatic into a full platform(s) oriented approach. Our team helps you build an online presence that generates sales from not just your site, but every other platform you use to connect with consumers.

The schedule What to expect and what you will learn:

08:30 - Business Rep Sign In

Sign In – Coffee and Networking.

09:00 - Intro to Programmatic

An overview of the event, and who Starfish Ad Age is. Our staff, values, what we do, and what separates us from the Digital Noise. Programmatic simplified.

9:45 - Why Programmatic

The New Traditional, data strategy, why you should divorce Facebook and Google, and why we call ourselves Digital Chameleons. 😛

11:00 - Social Media

Utilize social media and data to connect with your audience.

11:30 - Branding & Optimization

Traditional Media vs Digital, Why Experience and Knowledge Matters, Testimonial By Real Starfish Client.

12:00 - Closing

Drawing Announcement and Closing Remarks, Let’s EAT!

Digital Unplugged Starfish Ad Age LLC Longview Programmatic Ad Agency

#digitaluplugged because of the following:

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How much does this event cost?

Digital unplugged is completely FREE! BUT exclusive to business owners only. 

Where is Digital Unplugged taking place?

This event will be held at the Longview Chamber of Commerce Conference Hall.

How many people may attend this event from my company?

Only ONE attendee per business/company. This event is specifically designed to help business owners. Exceptions may be applied to companies with more than one owner. Please notify us if this exception may apply to you. Please do not send reps or ambassadors.

Will there be food provided?

Yes! We will be supplying a full lunch spread catered by Newks.

Is this event a Sales Pitch?

This event is an educational meetup to help local businesses understand the rapidly growing ecosystem of digital marketing. We will be accepting new clients of those whom are interested in a partnership. We will have an exclusive offer for those interested. There is no underlying stipulation to attend.

What will I take away from this event?

You will have a better grasp on the reality of the digital world, specifically programmatic, and how understanding it is crucial to the progression and evolution of business marketing and advertising. You will also have the opportunity to win 15k in digital advertising gifted by Longview’s ONLY Programmatic premium agency.